Level 2 Food Safety

Level 2 Award in Food Safety

This is one of a series of new awards which were approved by QCA in 2010. It replaces the old basic food hygiene certificate for unsupervised kitchen staff.

INCARE SERVICES is proud to present the first on-line version of this award, which has been certificated and accredited by Education Development International (EDI) (see www.ediplc.com).

This is currently the only on-line version of this course to provide you with a certificate without the inconvenience of travelling to an on-line centre. This saves time and money. Do the whole course from your work or home computer.

The course is divided into 5 sections:

  1. The importance of food safety
  2. Personal hygiene
  3. Safe Cleaning and use of chemicals
  4. Food safety hazards
  5. Temperature control and safe food storage
City & Guild Accredited
By its very nature, a level 2 course is complex and has a comprehensive learning content. We therefore will allow users to ‘dip’ in and out of the learning content until they are thoroughly happy that they have understood the learning. At that stage they can then opt to take the on-line test.

The Test

The test mimics the tests issued by other classroom courses. It has a multi choice question range of 30 questions (from a variable bank of 90 questions) of which the candidates must achieve 20 correct answers to obtain a certificate.

If the candidate does not achieve 20 correct questions, the course will print out a results sheet to indicate the areas that need to be revised for future attempts.

The Certificate

The candidate registration will automatically be sent to EDI on completion, and when the computer has electronically marked the question paper, the results will be recorded and again electronically sent to EDI. They will then cause the certificate to be printed with their branded logo and the candidate’s name.

How much does it cost?

The qualification costs £49.